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What we can offer you

Puppy foundation course (Max 6 Puppies) For puppies between the ages of 10-18 weeks. At the onset of the course there is an emphasis on ensuring the puppies see this very new experience as a pleasant one, you therefore may find we are very different to many other clubs.

We cover such things as; loose lead walking, coming back when called, grooming/healthcheck, getting used to unusual objects and polite greeting of other people and dogs. We play a sound effects CD throughout and we also encourage everyone to research their breed and know what it was originally bred to do and what the potential known health problems are for your breed, by doing so you fully understand the dog you have at the end of your lead.

Beginners (Max 8 Dogs) Any new starter after an initial assessment with Angela which needs to be booked in advance. This may be an 8 week course or Roll on–Roll off, depending on your personal choice and class availability. At this level we will cover: Socialisation techniques, Prevention of jumping up, Loose lead walking and Formal lead work, Timed stays and Basic hand signals, Working around unusual objects, plus assist you with any difficulties you may have.

Intermediate (Max 8 Dogs) Moving on from Beginners and will include: Pay attention, Formal recall, Neater leadwork, Out of sight stays, Working with a different handler, Timed stays at a distance, Walking on a lead while the handler carries a jug of water for the ultimate control of the lead!

Advanced (Max 8 Dogs) This level is not the competitive obedience style you would see at Crufts but rather the sort of work you would like to achieve to have a well mannered dog in all situations and will include: Heelfree (off lead but next to you) Timed stay with distractions, Down stay while you take refreshment, Heelwork using handsignals only, Emergency stop (a lifesaver)! Food manners (dog should not pester people while they are eating as at a picnic) and Scent/Retrieve work (very useful if you have dropped your keys while out walking).

Mixed Ability (Max 8 Dogs) For sensitive dogs who want to work together without a structured routine, many of these are rehomed dogs who need plenty of time to gain confidence.

One to One/home visits Private sessions for anyone unable to attend classes or for dogs who need a little more work before working in a group. These sessions are helpful if you feel you only have one problem to address, maybe a better recall when out, by having some private tuition we can go through the techniques that are suited to your needs and put them into practise immediately, thereby noticing improvements almost straight away. These need to be booked in advance and can be either at the club or in your own home.

Rehabilitation Session and Behaviour Consultations Unfortunately, even in spite of our best endeavours, our relationship with our dogs does not always turn out as we hoped. If our dog develops behaviour which has become unacceptable you need to know you can contact someone who will not blame you for the problem or demean your attempts to rectify it. At FIDO we are known for our patience and understanding and Angela has helped dogs from as far afield as Yorkshire, Shropshire and Anglesey with many people choosing to travel into Chester for her help.

She is fully conversant in a wide range of behaviour modification techniques and has been a rehabilitation trainer for over ten years. Every dog is assessed as an individual and you will be advised about what you need to do prior to an appointment. The following problems are just a small example of some of the ones she has worked on with success.

► Unwanted behaviour towards other dogs or people

► Chasing traffic

► House soiling

► Grooming/handling problems

► Fearful behaviours

► Sound phobias

► Attention seeeking

Deaf Dog Training We have helped a great many owners to train their deaf dog. Sadly many of these dogs find themselves in rescue centres simply because people think they will have a poor quality of life, we have shown they go on to lead a full and active life, taking part in Clicker workshops (yes really!) Agility and Heelwork to Music.

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